Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy:

Dr. Maloff conducts individual therapy with adults within a psychodynamic framework. Each client is unique and thus treatment plans are formed on an individualized basis to help each client become better acquainted, and more in touch with him or herself. At the core of this work is a focus on the client’s unresolved or unprocessed issues and inner conflicts that he or she may not be consciously aware of. Focusing on each client’s unconscious aspects helps he or she to develop a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings, and ‘why they do what they do’. By making the unconscious conscious, each client can begin to feel more in control, have higher self esteem, make better decisions, and experience an increase in overall quality of life.

Couples Therapy:

Couples therapy gives couples a chance to discuss their thoughts and feelings in new and more effective ways that often are not accomplished at home. Dr. Maloff works with couples actively to work on improving communication, increasing intimacy and fostering care and compromise. Dr Maloff teaches and models effective communication skills, developed within a safe environment without blame or judgment. Dr. Maloff helps each member of the couple to understand both themselves and their partner more deeply in an effort to reduce conflict within the relationship and increase satisfaction.

Within the context of providing both Individual Therapy or Couples Therapy, Dr. Maloff’s clients can expect to attend sessions in a comfortable and professional setting. Of the utmost importance in creating a successful therapy experience, is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client. Dr. Maloff places a high priority upon developing and fostering positive therapeutic relationships with each client, based upon honesty, respect, and collaborative work toward a common goal.

Dr. Maloff can be contacted at (310) 712-5480 in order to set appointments.


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